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Jackson & Coker Style Guide

Your official guide to creating Jackson & Coker content, including fonts, colors, logos and word choices. Updated April 2020. For internal use ONLY. 


For Facilities

Physician Recruitment Solutions

A booklet that overviews Jackson & Coker’s staffing solutions and process.


Jackson & Coker Client Overview

Here’s the level of service that healthcare facilities can expect as a Jackson & Coker client.


Tips for Healthcare Clients

Most frequently asked questions about Jackson & Coker that we hear from healthcare facilities. 


Billing for Locum Tenens

A how-to guide for clients when billing for locum tenens providers.


Non-Clinical Services Overview

A one-page overview of what Non-Clinical Services offers to our clients.


Non-Clinical Services Full Presentation

A more detailed look at what clients can accomplish with a Jackson & Coker Non-Clinical Services partnership.



For Telehealth Clients

Jackson & Coker Telehealth Overview

This booklet gives clients an overview of Jackson & Coker Telehealth’s offerings, including staffing and our secure platform.


5 Key Takeaways for Post-COVID Telehealth Sustainability

For clients, this document gives insights and strategies to strengthen and grow your telehealth program.


Telehealth Sustainability Checklist

For clients, this checklist walks them through the process of ensuring their program is sustainable.


For Telehealth Providers

Telehealth Infographic: The Future of Patient Health


Web-side Manner Tips for Providers

This document gives tips for providing great patient care via video.


About Our Technology & Platform

Jackson & Coker Telehealth Technology

An explanation for clients on the benefits they’ll receive with Jackson & Coker Telehealth’s platform. 


Platform Security Overview

An in-depth look at the high level of security behind Jackson & Coker Telehealth’s platform.


For Physicians & Advanced Practitioners

Jackson & Coker Physician and Advanced Practitioner Overview

Here’s the level of service that physicians and advanced practitioners can expect when they work with Jackson & Coker.


Why Work Locums?

The benefits for physicians and advanced practitioners choosing locum tenens work.


Tips for Physicians and Advanced Practitioners 

Most frequently asked questions about Jackson & Coker that we hear from physicians and advanced practitioners.



For Internal Use

Any external use will need to be approved by the Marketing Department. This includes communications and utilizing vendors.

Jackson & Coker Logos

Download – Blue on White, Horizontal

Download – Blue on White, Vertical

Download – White on Blue, Horizontal – For use on J&C primary blue background, #004B8D or R:0, G:75, B:141  

Download – White on Blue, Vertical – For use on J&C primary blue background, #004B8D or R:0, G:75, B:141