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Post-COVID Solutions for Acute Care Centers

The novel coronavirus hit the United States hard, upending 2020 plans for many healthcare organizations across the country. Shuttered services, high ICU volume and unexpected expenses impacted how we will operate now and in the future.

Is your organization ready to emerge from the pandemic with a plan? Here are strategies for Acute Care Centers to consider as we enter a “new normal.”

1. Recoup Volume

How the pandemic has impacted your organization is likely based on where you’re located. In those hard-hit areas of the country, Acute Care Hospitals have had a surge of patients, whereas those in areas without many cases have seen a huge reduction in volume.

Either way, the parts of your hospital not directly treating coronavirus patients likely sit empty. Of course many surgeries were postponed, but hospitals are also reporting fewer visits to the Emergency Department. Even heart attack numbers are down, leaving some to speculate that patients experiencing chest pain or other serious symptoms are avoiding care altogether over fear of catching coronavirus in a hospital.

Your ability to understand patients’ concerns about returning to your hospital and your ability to effectively reassure them of safety will be instrumental in recouping volume and treating patients who need care.

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2. Prepare Long-Term Solutions

Hospitals have been left scrambling for medical providers and extra beds needed to treat a surge in acute patients.

A resurgence of coronavirus – or another similar situation – could jolt us back into the same situation we’re experiencing now. Flexibility in staff, services and physical footprint can help you weather future storms.

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3. Examine Safety and Training Protocols

This pandemic has reinforced the need for advanced technology and understanding of infection control, including:

  • Enhanced cleaning methods like UVC disinfection
  • Infection prevention training for all staff including clinical providers and environmental staff
  • Secure supply of PPE and disinfectants

How-To: Infection Control in the COVID-19 Era


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