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Post-COVID Solutions for Radiology

The novel coronavirus hit the United States hard, upending 2020 plans for many healthcare organizations across the country.

Is your organization ready to emerge from the pandemic with a plan? Here are strategies for your Radiology practice to consider as we enter a “new normal.”

1. Solidify Work from Home Infrastructure

Many healthcare organizations have let Radiologists work from home during the coronavirus outbreak, and some in the field are saying they expect this trend to continue in the future.

You may have had to quickly scale your telehealth capacity and work-from-home programs for your Radiologists. Consider now that teleradiology will become more commonplace and fewer Radiologists will expect to have to be onsite. Now’s the time to develop this infrastructure.

Resource: Radiologist predicts ‘sea change’ in specialty after COVID-19

 2. Plan for Influx of Post-Crisis Imaging

Experts predict a surge of imaging studies as we emerge from the crisis and elective procedures resume. “[We need] to increase awareness about the projected aftermath and consequences of the COVID-19 crisis on a radiology department,” wrote Dr. Thomas Kwee in the Journal of the American College of Radiology.

He suggests:

  • Using abbreviated MRIs where possible.
  • Even out the workload between Radiology subspecialists.
  • Empower medical students with self-education material.

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