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Post-COVID Solutions for Surgery

The novel coronavirus hit the United States hard, upending 2020 plans for many healthcare organizations across the country. Postponed surgeries and procedures have greatly impacted our hospitals now and how they will operate in the future.

Is your organization ready to emerge from the pandemic with a plan? Here are strategies for Surgery Centers to consider as we enter a “new normal.”

1. Consider New Patient Preferences

Experts are predicting that ASCs will be able to re-establish “normal” operations more quickly and that patients may prefer ASCs to hospitals where viral patients are treated. Your market share will depend on the creation of an effective strategy to resume surgical services.

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2. Coordinate a Plan for Surgical Surge

Prepare now for the return of patients who had to postpone procedures during the pandemic. Becker’s Hospital Review recommends:

  • Expanding OR capacity by keeping ORs open longer in the evening or weekends (a “Super Saturday” strategy).
  • Preparing patients for their procedures NOW instead of waiting until after you’re given the all-clear for resuming surgeries.
  • Enlisting your anesthesia team to plan for operational efficiency.

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