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Top Questions Healthcare Organizations Ask When Considering a Locums Provider 

Many organizations inquire about the benefits of adding a locums provider to their team. Save time when attending a conference by utilizing these pre-answered questions about the locums process. 

#1 What are the benefits of employing locums physicians?
Locums helps your facility to:

Save time. You can find a locums provider in a fraction of the time it takes to source and employ a permanent provider – and get your patients the help they need today.

Try before you buy. You have the opportunity to work with a provider on a temporary basis before making a long-term commitment.

Reduce burnout. Ease the burden on your existing staff as you recruit. By leaning on locums to fill a current gap, you can reduce working hours and combat burnout for your team.

Increase efficiency. Finding a replacement physician can take almost a year. Hiring a locums provider allows you to continue seeing and billing patients during the hiring process – protecting patient access and revenue.

Improve satisfaction. An understaffed facility can lead to longer wait times for your patients. Patient wait time impacts patient satisfaction and – ultimately – your facility’s revenue.

#2 How long does it take to place a locums provider?

On average, it takes about 222 days to find and hire a permanent physician, but Jackson & Coker typically finds, privileges and places a locums provider in 60 days or fewer. You can serve more patients when you have a faster turnaround.

#3 Can we interview potential candidates as part of the placement process?

Yes, you have the opportunity to interview candidates to ensure you both are a good fit to work together. Interviews typically take place over the phone, but in some cases may be done in person.

#4 How does the locums placement process work?

First, we identify what your facility is looking for including specialty, certifications, specific skills and experience.

  • What type of physician, nurse practitioner, telehealth provider or physician assistant works best for your organization?
  • When do you need them?
  • How long do you need the physician?
  • What days and shifts are required? Do you need call coverage?

Second, we review our network of more than 450,000 physicians and connect with those providers who match your facility’s requirements. We contact candidates to pre-screen for your requirements. Once we’ve narrowed down a list of top candidates for your assignment, you receive a copy of the candidates’ CVs.

You select which physicians to interview. Our client consultant will help you make a final informed decision about the provider you want to join your team.
Next, we will handle all the privileging, housing, travel arrangements and malpractice insurance for the provider to ensure they get to your facility ready to work. Finally, once the provider goes to work, we will bill you based on the agreed-upon pay rate.

#5 Do you have recruiters focused on specific specialties?

Yes, our recruiting consultants focus on specific specialties. Our team members are also focused on specific regions. This allows our staff to get to know the doctors and advanced practitioners in the area and specialty so we can find someone well-suited to your needs.

#6 Who handles housing, travel and malpractice insurance for these providers?

Once a provider is booked on assignment, your Service Coordinator arranges their travel and lodging needs based on the provider’s preferences and your budget. Jackson & Coker provides malpractice coverage to all physicians and advanced practitioners while on a Jackson & Coker assignment. Our general policy is top-rated by A.M. Best, an independent evaluation company that provides a benchmark for comparing insurers from around the world.

#7 How do you find the physicians, advanced practitioners, and CRNAs you place on locum tenens jobs?

Aside from our database of over 450,000 providers, we take a modern approach to sourcing. We leverage our relationships within the industry, create newsletters to connect with providers across a wide range of specialties and target your candidate demographic through segmented marketing efforts across media channels.

Jackson & Coker works hard to keep our reputation for quality staffing and was awarded Best of Staffing by Clearly Rated for 2020.

#8 What criteria do you use to appropriately match a provider to an assignment?

Many of the providers we work with serve in locums opportunities on a regular basis. These providers have completed the Jackson & Coker privileging process as well as the privileging process for the facilities where they have worked.

After a provider submits a new application, one of our Recruiting Consultants performs an initial interview before sending their CV to you for review. Our verification team reviews the provider’s work history, credentials and peer references, and you have the opportunity to view their findings.

After you select your final candidate, our team helps them get the required privileges according to your organization’s requirements.

#9 If we wish to hire a locums provider again, are we able to continue working with the same recruiter?

Yes, Jackson & Coker values strong relationships, with you, the providers and communities you serve.

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