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Survey: Physicians on the COVID-19 Vaccine and Employer Mandates

Hospitals, government agencies, schools and private companies like Google and Walt Disney have made headlines for incentivizing or requiring COVID-19 vaccinations for their staff. 

How do physicians feel about vaccine mandates? Jackson & Coker – one of the nation’s leading locum tenens staffing agencies – went straight to the source and asked physicians their opinion in a new nationwide survey.

Employer mandates are a controversial topic during an already divisive time in the United States. But many employers see the vaccines as a way to protect their staff and patients and regain a sense of “normalcy” in the workplace.

For physicians – it may not matter for many if their employer mandates vaccines or not. Of nearly 800 physicians who took the survey, an overwhelming majority said they have already been vaccinated for COVID-19.

Findings from the survey, conducted in August 2021, include:

  • 89% reported receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • 68% said they agree with employer mandates for the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Of respondents who reported a practice status of being "employed," only 19% said their employer was currently mandating vaccines for staff.
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