Know Your Options

What physicians and advanced practitioners need to know about locum tenens.

So you’re considering making locum tenens your full-time career. It’s never been a better time to be a locum tenens physician, and for many physicians, it can make for a rewarding career.

Everything you need to know about locum tenens.

Why do hospitals, group practices and other healthcare organizations use locum tenens providers?

Healthcare organizations continually need healthcare providers who can easily adapt to new surroundings. Facilities and practices use locums providers to cover gaps in care left by:

  • Provider shortages.
  • Vacation time, sick days or maternity leave for current employees.
  • When a provider retires or leaves the practice.
  • Time needed to recruit a new permanent employee.

Locums providers help these organizations maintain patient access while avoiding additional burden to their existing staff.

Why locum tenens?

Working locum tenens gives you the freedom to:

  • Have a flexible schedule.
  • Learn new skills.
  • Make extra income in addition to your permanent position.
  • Experience different parts of the country.
  • Find the work environment that is right for you.
  • Reduce administrative duties.

Who is Jackson + Coker?

We help physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants find jobs they like in virtually every major specialty and every state. As a top healthcare staffing firm, Jackson + Coker specializes in locum tenens, locums-to-permanent and telehealth staffing.

Our Mission

We connect providers + communities to transform lives.

How does Jackson + Coker support me in my career?

When you work with Jackson + Coker, you’ll receive personalized help through the job search process. Your recruiter is your advocate and will negotiate contracts for you. They can be reached 24/7 in case problems or concerns arise while you’re on an assignment.

You and your recruiter will discuss:

  • How many patients you’re willing to see in a day.
  • Preferred schedules including on-call hours and rotation options.
  • Locations you like (or if you’d prefer to be in driving distance).
  • Practice settings you enjoy.

Your interview, pay negotiation and work schedule are arranged by your recruiter. Our goal is to match you to a position you like at a facility that needs your unique skills.

Patients per day.

Preferred schedule and hours.

Locations you like.

Practice settings you enjoy.

Why Jackson + Coker?

Our team of privileging, licensing, travel and payroll specialists will support you as you head off to your assignment, making your experience seamless. Your team will arrange:

  • Weekly direct deposit.
  • Travel according to your preferences.
  • Access to help 24/7 when you are on assignment.
  • Licensing and hospital privileging.
  • Malpractice insurance coverage.

How Locum Tenens Works

Decide when and where you want to work.

Jackson + Coker has jobs available across the U.S and in a variety of facilities –clinics, group practices, hospitals and outpatient surgery centers. We offer different shifts and schedules for you to pick from including weekends, on-call only, short-term and long-term assignments.

Let us know what you’re looking for, and once we find a match, you decide if you’d like to accept the job. You only accept the jobs you want, so you’re able to choose a job with the schedule and location that is right for you.

If I have a full-time position, can I also work locums?

Yes, locum tenens through Jackson + Coker can be a great way to gain additional experience as well as supplement your income. You can work unique schedules and call rotations that fit around your existing full-time schedule. These schedules are often available on weekends, around holidays or when full-time providers are on vacation.

Can I work locums while in residency?

As a resident, moonlighting can provide a way to help reduce student debt and gain additional experience outside your residency program. Locums work gives you the opportunity to find a position that offers the flexibility to balance work and life.

There are guidelines around which residents are eligible and which specialties are available for locums. Contact Jackson + Coker at 800.272.2707 to learn if you’re eligible.

Can I work locums in retirement?

Locum tenens can be a great fit for retirees who want to continue to work and maintain an active license. With a more flexible schedule, you gain work-life balance that allows for continued income while moving into retirement.

Can locums be a full-time job?

More than 90 percent of U.S. facilities use locum tenens, so there are plenty of opportunities for locum tenens work in every kind of facility. With growing demand for physicians, it’s easy to make a full-time career solely out of locum tenens jobs.

Am I covered for malpractice while working locum tenens with Jackson + Coker?

On any Jackson + Coker assignment, you’ll be covered by top-rated A.M. Best malpractice insurance. This covers you while you are on assignment – all paid for by us.

How do I get paid as a locum tenens physician?

You’ll receive weekly direct deposit. We also provide you with a credit card for traveling, lodging and other expenses.