Going Beyond Burnout

Supporting Long-Term Mental Health Solutions for Physicians & Advanced Practitioners Physician burnout in 2022 is reported to be 5% higher than the previous year, reaching nearly 50% according to Medscape’s 2022 Physician Burnout & Depression Report. While the report shares not all causes are pandemic-related, the impact of the last two years upon the mental …

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A masked provider uses a tongue depressor to look into a happy child's throat

Locum Tenens for Nurse Practitioners

The physician shortage in specialties like Primary Care and Psychiatry has caused a dramatic increase in the demand for Nurse Practitioners. Resulting from an aging population and changes in the healthcare system, many facilities all over the country are left without adequate coverage, and the problem will only continue to grow. In order to fill …

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Celebrating National Doctor’s Day 2022

How We Celebrate at Jackson & Coker https://youtu.be/hp2xtpgJAHo There are over a million reasons to be grateful on National Doctor’s Day – that is one reason for every physician in the United States. The CDC estimates more than 140 million Americans, about 43% of the population, has had COVID-19, and the stress it placed on …

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The Benefits of Patient Centricity

What’s the ROI for Having a Patient Centered Approach? Today’s consumers are educated buyers, thanks to the Internet, which puts all the information to make an informed buying decision right at their fingertips. Consumers of healthcare are no different. Patients are seeking more control over their healthcare options. “Patient-centricity” has become a buzzword recently as …

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Physician Interview Guide

Questions to Ask and Staying EEOC Complaint Throughout the Physician Interview Process New interviewing laws and restrictions are sprouting up from California to New York, affecting the way we conduct physician interviews and the physician hiring process. With healthcare – just like any industry – it’s important to stay EEOC-compliant when interviewing physician candidates. That’s …

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Female patient during telehealth appointment with doctor

Telehealth Solutions for Healthcare in Rural Communities

Improving Healthcare Access in Rural Communities Telehealth is the answer for America’s underserved communities seeking better patient outcomes and happier physicians. Check out the stats below. Want to Learn More About Telehealth? Jackson & Coker created a completely custom suite of Telehealth options to empower healthcare organizations to meet their patient needs. We offer Telehealth …

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