Five Travel Tips and Tricks for Locum Tenens

How to make traveling for locums work easier.

Traveling Doctor

You have enough on your mind when starting a a new locum tenens assignment. Getting there shouldn’t be a burden.

Here are five tips for making locum tenens travel easier for you:

#1 Get ahead of the masses. 

Skip the busy security lines at airport with the TSA PreCheck. Apply, pay a small fee and visit an application center to get verify your identity, then you’re set for five years. Bonus: keep your shoes on and laptop in your bag at the airport. Click here for eligibility and to apply.

#2 Pack smartly. 

Get acquainted with your new facility’s dress code and then plan outfits accordingly. Neutral-toned pieces that work well in different outfits will help you pack lighter and are appropriate for a healthcare setting.

Keep your most important things: documents, badges, jewelry, a change of clothes and your toiletry kit in a carry-on bag. Genius Pack makes a bag with air compression to reduce the space of your clothing.

A seatback organizer that doubles as a messenger lets you move seamlessly from airplane to airport to rental car.

#3 Create an itinerary.

Have the following stored electronically and written in a small notebook that you can easily access your:

  • Recruiter’s contact information and/or your hospital administrator’s contact information.
  • Flight number
  • Car rental confirmation
  • Lodging confirmation
  • Address to your assigned facility
#4 Bring your family. 

Having your spouse or pet along for your assignment can make it feel more like home. Or if you’re headed to a cool destination, make it a vacation for your family. Your physician recruiter can handle the details of getting your family members accommodated.

#5 Keep expense records. 

Most of your expenses should be covered by your agency or facility, but be sure to keep detailed records of anything you buy while traveling. You are able to get tax advantages as a locum tenens physician including travel, meals, housing, tools and supplies.