The Benefits of Locum Tenens Staffing

Locum Benefits

Locums in healthcare.

A locum tenens provider is a Latin term for placeholder – to hold the place or to substitute for another person. In the medical industry, this term is specifically referencing a physician or advanced practitioner who temporarily works for a healthcare organization for a defined period of time. The benefits for providers are almost endless and are certainly appealing. But how would staffing locum tenens benefit a facility like yours? There may be more perks for your organization having locums in healthcare than you think.

Avoid burnout through locums.

Physician burnout is a public health crisis. Burnout doesn’t just affect the providers, but your organization as well. It increases mistakes and malpractice suits. It also diminishes patient care and reduces productivity. What’s an easy way to combat this crisis? Using locum tenens providers. Locums providers alleviate the stress on your staff by supplementing your service hours and allowing existing employees to take much needed time off.

Locums are cost efficient.

If you break down the numbers, locum tenens providers are often more cost effective than hiring a permanent provider. Your organization can meet demand for patient appointments rather than turning patients away. This allows you to increase revenue and improve patient care. If you hire a permanent physician, you may end up spending between $40,000 – $200,000 in signing bonuses. You can skip that altogether when you use locum tenens providers with no long-term commitment.

Locums increase patient satisfaction.

Using locum tenens providers allows you to keep appointments after an unexpected physician absence and keep your patients happy. They won’t be inconvenienced with a rescheduled appointment. With locums, you won’t have to stress about turning away patients or overloading your staff. Instead, these patients are getting the immediate care and time with a provider they need. Keeping your commitments to your patients protects your brand.

More than 600,000 providers work locum tenens and help organizations quickly fill positions during the physician shortage. Jackson + Coker has a pool of providers in over 50 specialties and a team of recruiters who are dedicated to getting the right providers to the right organizations.

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