The Benefits of Patient Centricity

What's the ROI for having a patient centered approach?

Today’s consumers are educated buyers, thanks to the Internet, which puts all the information to make an informed buying decision right at their fingertips.

Consumers of healthcare are no different. Patients are seeking more control over their healthcare options.

“Patient-centricity” has become a buzzword recently as organizations move towards a system where patients feel like active participants in their healthcare. In a patient-centricity, healthcare takes a patient centered approach, considering their patients’ preferences, needs and values. It gives the patients the autonomy to make their own decisions about their healthcare.

patient centered care

How does this benefit your relationship with patients?

Payment planning.

Some healthcare practices have begun to offer price estimations before procedures to increase transparency with patients from the get-go. These patients can plan ahead for their healthcare needs, increasing their overall satisfaction.

Better communication.

With a treatment plan centered around the patient’s wants and needs, she may be more open to fully communicate with you. There’s less chance that information (symptoms, medication interactions, worsening conditions) will slip through the cracks as the patient goes from one specialist to the next.

Emotional and spiritual well-being.

By treating the whole person, your patient will have her emotional needs taken into consideration, which we know has a profound impact on wellness.

Patient compliance.

When she feels like she has a say in her healthcare, she may also be more willing to be an active participant and comply with your recommendations.

By centering care around the patient, we focus on what she values most – living a happy, healthy life.