Physician Burnout

Going Beyond Burnout

Supporting long-term mental health solutions for physicians and advanced practitioners. Physician burnout in 2022 is reported to be 5% higher than the previous year, reaching nearly 50% according to Medscape’s 2022 Physician Burnout & Depression Report. While the report shares not all causes are pandemic-related, the impact of the last two years upon the mental …

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healthcare technology

Advantages of Telehealth

How are physicians and hospitals benefitting from using telehealth? Interprofessional consultations aren’t just beneficial for physicians, but also for healthcare organizations. Consultations between Nurse Practitioners, Primary Care physicians and specialists are growing rapidly as the utilization of telehealth becomes more common. These consultations and discussions with specialists located outside of the hospital lead to fewer …

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Locum Benefits

Five Surefire Signs It’s Time for You to Consider Locum Tenens

You’ve heard of locum tenens, but you may be overlooking signs that it’s right for you. Here are a few to look out for: You’re feeling overwhelmed by administrative duties. Faced with mounting regulatory concerns and documentation requirements, physicians are spending more and more time on admin work. According to a survey by MedScape, a …

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Locum Benefits

The Benefits of Locum Tenens Staffing

Locums in healthcare. A locum tenens provider is a Latin term for placeholder – to hold the place or to substitute for another person. In the medical industry, this term is specifically referencing a physician or advanced practitioner who temporarily works for a healthcare organization for a defined period of time. The benefits for providers …

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Impact Nurse Practitioners Advanced

Why Are Nurse Practitioners Important to Your Staffing Mix?

Managing physician shortages with Nurse Practitioners. The number of licensed Nurse Practitioners has more than doubled since 2007, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that number to grow 36 percent by 2026. The shortage of Primary Care physicians and other specialists fuels this growth. Across the country, Nurse Practitioners are providing healthcare in …

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Mental Health Care Psychiatry

America’s Mental Health Crisis

Facing the shortage of mental health professionals. Growing demand for mental health care plus a slow supply of new Psychiatrists equals the perfect storm for America’s mental health care crisis. Over half of practicing Psychiatrists are nearing retirement age and fewer medical students are interested in pursuing Psychiatry. JAMA reports that fewer students are interested in …

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Heart and stethoscope representing Cardiologists

The Demand for Cardiologists Is Increasing

How to prepare your facility and combat shortages. The demand for Cardiologists will increase annually as much as 18 percent through 2025. It’s already sparking dramatic one-year increases in total cash compensation. General Cardiologists earned the biggest jump in cash compensation amongst all medical specialties – a 4.4 percent increase. Furthering salary growth: The number of Cardiologists grew only …

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Gastroenterologists surgeon shortage

Fighting the Critical Care Physician Shortage

Trends and solutions for combatting Critical Care physician shortages. The increasing lack of Intensivists is growing to be a pandemic in the medical industry. In this often over-worked group, Healthcare Global reports that almost half of the 10,000 Critical Care physicians in the U.S. are facing severe burnout. Physicians are now choosing less stressful specialties. …

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Radiology Radiologist Staffing Shortage

Preparing for a Radiologist Shortage

How telehealth can help alleviate burnout and shortages for radiology. The overall demand for radiology services has been steadily rising since 2013 with the growing number of aging individuals in the United States. Nearly half of the Radiologists in the U.S. are of retirement age, and fewer Radiology residents are waiting to fill these soon-to-be …

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Doctor Talking Patient Retirement

What the Shortage of Oncologists Means for Cancer Treatment

Concerning trends for Oncologists and cancer care. A number of major United States cities are at risk for Oncology shortages as discovered through a 2017 survey. The Association of Community Cancer Centers polled 293 program directors and providers from 209 cancer treatment centers nationwide. They found that 47 percent reported vacancies for medical Oncologists, showing that organizations …

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