Healthcare Lost Revenue Calculator

How psychiatric patients impact your emergency department revenue.

America is calling for greater mental health coverage – and we’re seeing a lot of that treatment playing out in the emergency department.

Patients with mental health conditions are more likely to seek treatment in the ED than physically ill patients, and they spend more time in the emergency department once they’re there – 23% of mental health patients in a study stayed in emergency care for more than six hours.

The problem is that many hospitals don’t have sufficient psychiatry coverage, and the ED gets back-logged with psychiatric patients waiting to be transferred to another facility. 

What does this mean for your hospital?

When your ED is jammed, it creates a ripple effect impacting your entire organization. Bed turnover stalls, and your team may have to turn away additional patients. Long wait times have been shown to negatively impact patient satisfaction and perception of care. Patient outcomes improve as wait times diminish, and evidence supports ED crowding compromises quality of care. Your hospital’s reputation is on the line.

We’ve created this Lost Revenue Calculator to give you an in-depth look at how psychiatric patients impact your emergency department and hospital. You can see how much revenue you stand to lose if you don’t have proper psychiatric coverage.

Armed with this knowledge, you can:

  • Increase bed turnover to treat more patients.
  • Reduce lost revenue due to ED inefficiencies.
  • Provide better patient outcomes and patient satisfaction.
  • Justify recruitment efforts and resources.

Lost revenue calculator.

Enter your average daily emergency department census and hit “Submit” to calculate your cost and get started. Using current averages, the calculator will provide you with a customized look at your facility’s lost revenue.

Reduce lost revenue and prepare your facility with proper psychiatric coverage.

Research published by the National Institutes of Health determined these rates.

*The 9% percentage of psychiatry patients that make up an Emergency Department population is derived from the study “The Impact of Psychiatry Patient Boarding in Emergency Departments” published by the National Institutes of Health. Bed turnover prevention rate and lost revenue rate come from “Financial Impact of Emergency Department Crowding” published by the National Institutes of Health.