Improved Patient Care

The Benefits of Patient Centricity

What’s the ROI for Having a Patient Centered Approach? Today’s consumers are educated buyers, thanks to the Internet, which puts all the information to make an informed buying decision right at their fingertips. Consumers of healthcare are no different. Patients are seeking more control over their healthcare options. “Patient-centricity” has become a buzzword recently as …

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Senior female doctor listening to patient explaining her painful in her office. Mature woman doctor consulting patient in hospital room. Doctor and patient discussing health issue in office.

How to Increase Women’s Participation in Health Screenings

Why Women Skip Health Screenings and Strategies to Increase Routine Participation Today, 30% of women have never visited or consulted with an Obstetrician or Gynecologist, and only 40% of women visit or consult with an Obstetrician or a Gynecologist once a year. It has become a trend for women to not participate in health screenings, …

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Pediatrician checking up on patient showing possibilities for the future of pediatrics

The Future of Pediatrics

How Pediatric Care is Evolving Through Technology The future of Pediatrics is evolving and offering increased opportunities to help children in need. Fifty percent of young children are afraid of visiting the doctor. It can be difficult for children – especially young children – to understand the “why” behind their treatments. Adapting medicine for kids …

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