Celebrating National Doctor’s Day 2022

How we celebrate at Jackson + Coker.

There are over a million reasons to be grateful on National Doctor’s Day – that is one reason for every physician in the United States.

The CDC estimates more than 140 million Americans, about 43% of the population, has had COVID-19, and the stress it placed on our healthcare system is undeniable. As a nation, we have weathered the uncertainty of the last two years and are coming out of the pandemic. It would not have been possible without the dedication of our doctors.

On March 30, 1842, Dr. Crawford Long performed the first surgery with anesthesia in northern Georgia. March 30th now marks National Doctor’s Day in his honor. Present-day physicians have risen to meet the demand for care in ways Dr. Crawford Long could not have imagined. This year is truly a special time to pause and reflect upon the work and sacrifices doctors have made to make life better.