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Lesson 7: Recruiters vs. Do-it-yourself

When to bring in the experts

Searching for your next job opportunity takes an incredible amount of time. Amid all your clinical responsibilities, whether in practice or training, it is extremely challenging to run down every job lead and do adequate research on potential roles, facilities, practices and locations. With all the factors to consider and so many moving parts, many providers find it most effective to put their search in the hands of experts.

Only consider search firms with solid reputations and highly experienced recruiters. Recruiters can advise you on contracts and locations and help you weigh pros and cons of opportunities.

Communicate very clearly and completely with recruiters, so they know the whole, up-to-date picture of your search. Experienced recruiters have a high level of expertise. Their advice will help you and guide to your next position.

Here’s what to look for in a recruiting agency:

  • Experience with locums recruiting and specifically your specialty.
  • Membership in the National Association of Locum Tenens Organization, whose members agree to abide by a code of ethics.
  • Malpractice insurance coverage that is top-rated.
  • Direct deposit and weekly pay for your assignments.
  • Covered travel and lodging. 
  • 24/7 access to help when you are on assignment.
  • Help with licensing and hospital privileging.
  • Transparency and open communication.

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