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The ED Lost Revenue Calculator helps you determine how much revenue your ER loses daily and annually.

Emergency Department Lost Revenue Calculator

This calculator helps you determine how much revenue your organization loses daily and annually when psychiatric patients tie up your ER. Learn how to provide better patient outcomes and satisfaction.

The Healthcare Recruiter’s 2018 Guide to Physician and Advanced Practitioner Salaries

What are the going rates for physicians and advanced practitioners in your area? What affects provider salaries? Check out our complete guide for all that and more.

Psychiatrist salaries are rising.

Why Psychiatrist Salaries Are Growing

Here's what healthcare recruiters need to know about rising Psychiatrist salaries.

America's mental health crisis is taking a toll on emergency departments.

Emergency Rooms Feel the Psych Resource Strain

America's mental health crisis is taking a toll on emergency departments. See what it means for your hospital and patients.

Telehealth helps rural hospitals help more patients.

Telehealth and Rural Patient Care

Telehealth is the answer for America's underserved communities seeking better patient outcomes and happier physicians. Here are the stats.

Medicare patients are driving demand for mental health care for the elderly.

Healthcare Feels the Impact of Aging America's Demand for Psych

Medicare patients are driving demand for mental health care. Does your hospital have the right resources to care for America's aging population?

Physicians experience burnout in today's healthcare facilities. Here's what your facility can do to help physicians.

How to Reduce Your Facility's Risk for Physician Burnout

Sandra Garrett, president at Jackson & Coker, reports on what physician recruiters and other healthcare administrators can do to reduce the impact of physician burnout.

Physicians and advanced practitioners want high compensation, good location and other benefits when taking a new job.

What Physicians Really Want in a Job

What do physicians look for when considering relocating to another job? Jackson & Coker surveyed more than 800 physicians to find out.

Satisfied physicians are more likely to be employed and not in private practice.

Jackson Healthcare Physician Trends

Jackson & Coker's parent company examines the physician shortage, current trends in physician compensation and physician satisfaction.

Be a Best Place to Work by focusing on positive company culture.

5 Ways to Become a Best Place to Work

Jackson & Coker President Sandy Garrett gives tips for any organization to grow a positive company culture.

The U.S. faces a shortage of psychiatrists and other physicians.

5 Strategies Recruiters Can Use in the Florida Psych Shortage

Tips from a top physician recruiter on how facilities can recruit physicians and advanced practitioners during a provider shortage.

This guide offers tips to successfully hiring quality locum tenens physicians and advanced practitioners to serve your community.

Your Complete Guide to Interviewing Physicians

Jackson & Coker has compiled a complete guide to interviewing physicians and advanced practitioners. From salary history bans to staying EEOC compliant, here's what healthcare administrators need to know.

Patient Centricity – What’s the ROI?

Patient Centricity: What's the ROI

Many physicians are looking towards more holistic patient care. What are the benefits?

Emerging Tech in Neurology and Neurosurgery

Emerging Tech in Neurology and Neurosurgery

This year the fields of neurology and neurosurgery saw more emerging technologies than ever. 

The Growing Neurology Need in America

The Growing Neurology Need in America

Demand for Neurologists will grow to 16 percent by 2025 while supply will only grow to 11 percent by 2025

Innovation in Obstetrics & Gynecology

Innovation in Obstetrics and Gynecology

By 2020, women’s healthcare needs will grow by 6%. But, thanks to advancements, women will soon have better access to care and a better understanding of their health.

The Future of Pediatrics

The Future of Pediatrics

Why are so few devices and cutting-edge procedures are purpose built for children. Tech is frequently built for adults and then reformatted to suit smaller bodies.

The Future of Pediatrics

The Youth of America Needs More Pediatricians & ENTs

Due to the rising number of children with chronic health problems, the shortage of pediatricians that we currently face is only going to intensify.

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