Healthcare Technology

Women's healthcare

Advancements and Innovation in Women’s Health Technology

Improving access to women’s healthcare. Women’s healthcare services are in demand. The average age of Gynecologists is 51, and most physicians in this field retire before age 60. The potential for a shortage in the field is rising rapidly.  Thanks to innovations in health technology, women will soon have better access to healthcare and a …

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Healthcare Tech

The Future of Healthcare Technology

The impact of medical technology in the healthcare industry. Many hospitals are successfully extending the number of patients they can serve, even those who may not be able to get to a facility. From portable EKGs to biometric implants and even visual reality surgery simulators, these improvements are benefiting not only hospitals but their bottom …

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Psychiatric Technology

Tech innovations help manage increased demand for mental health services. Many specialties experienced lack of providers, and Psychiatry is no different. With an aging physician base and an increase in psychiatric cases, the need for advancement in medical technology is greater than ever. Fortunately, new protocols and procedures are on the horizon. The impact of …

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Is Robot Surgery a Solution to the Surgeon Shortage?

The impact of surgical robots and their effect on the surgeon shortage. Demand for surgery services is climbing – and so is the shortages of General Surgeons. By 2050, the nationwide deficit will grow to 7,047 General Surgeons, which is almost 18 percent higher than originally anticipated. Some believe using robot surgery could help relieve this …

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OBGYN Womens Healthcare

Women’s Healthcare Demands by State

How technology is proving a temporary solution to increased demand. Providers are struggling to keep up with patient demand for care – especially Obstetrics and Gynecology physicians. In 2020, the need for OB/GYNs grew by 6 percent or 2,090 full-time providers. That translates to overworked staff in your hospital, but technology does offer some solutions. Forty-nine percent of counties …

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Pediatrician Future

The Future of Pediatrics

How Pediatric care is evolving through technology. The future of Pediatrics is evolving and offering increased opportunities to help children in need. Fifty percent of young children are afraid of visiting the doctor. It can be difficult for children – especially young children – to understand the “why” behind their treatments. Adapting medicine for kids …

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Emerging Technologies in Healthcare: Neuro Technology

Neuro technology discoveries and advancements. In this year alone, the fields of Neurology and Neurosurgery have seen more more emerging technologies in Healthcare than ever before. These life-saving and often life-improving scientific Neuro Technology finds and new procedures aren’t just changing the Neurology field; these discoveries are changing the way we think of the brain entirely. Life-saving …

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